The Team

The School of Tennis coaching team have over 40 years of coaching experience between them. With a range of Europe’s coaching qualifications and research into the range of ways people learn, our coaching is adapted to suit your personal needs and work through the five aspects of tennis:


Each of our coaches have a specific role and coaching expertise.
For example, our Junior coaches work specifically on the technique of hitting the ball, to shape beginners and juniors into consistent players.

Our Performance coaches will put all players through their strides, working on the physical side – developing strength and fitness of the players as well as looking simple tactics and keeping the technique in tune.

Finally the Elite coaches are the coaches with the most experience, who will work on all aspects of tennis, looking in detail to the mental and tactical sides of the game.

Steve Proud

Head Coach £22 per hour

Martin Bright

Assistant Head Coach £18 per hour

George Platt

Mini Tennis Coordinator £15 per hour

Ben Hillyard

performance and hitting coach £15 per hour

Gill Mcdonald

B Sc (Hons.) Sports Rehabilitation Therapist.


Tel: 07762 511525